How to become a member

To inquire about membership please contact Sis. Rosalind Washington at (323) 861-0774.  Download our Membership Package Hadassah Chapter Membership Package.

Your petition will be submitted to an Investigation Committee composed of members of the Hadassah Chapter.  Shortly thereafter the members of the Investigation Committee will contact you to set a time and place for a meeting.  This is done:

  1. To ask a few very simple questions.
  2. To provide you with an opportunity to meet the Chapter members.
  3. To provide you with an opportunity to ask and to receive answers to any additional questions that you might have.
  4. Petitions are carefully read and eligibility investigated before election to membership. The Order strives to select persons of mental, moral and spiritual quality who will work together in harmony to perform its objectives.


Last modified: 07/26/15