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The History of Hadassah Chapter #22

Hadassah Chapter #2 – Order of The Eastern Star was organized in late 1979 by Sister Cherfronia Cloteal Tappan, Worthy Matron with approximately nine members under Queen Adah Grand Chapter.  Sister Grace Harvey Grand Matron, working under most Worshipful Sons of Light Grand Lodge Illustrious Frank J. Bobo 33° Grand Master A.F.& A.M.  Scottish Rite Affiliation Jurisdiction of California and Oregon.

In 1982 Hadassah Chaper #2 and Sister Tappan joined in with the Organizing of Queen of Sheba Grand Chapter – Sister Clora M. Brooks Grand Matron and Sister Tappan Associate Grand Matron working under Most Worshipful King David Grand Lodge Illustrious Gabe Brook 33° Grand Master.

In 1983 Sister Tappan Hadassah #2 joined the setting up Celestial Grand Chapter under the Leadership of Sister Shelia P. Reid Barron Grand Matron she also served as Associate Grand Matron where her leadership enhanced the Growth of Celestial Grand Chapter working under Most Worshipful Saint Peter Grand Lodge Illustrious Charles Groom 33° Grand Lodge.

Sister Tappan continued to serve as Worthy Matron of Hadassah until her death on December 26, 1997.  Hadassah Chapter #2 Members will remain grateful for Sister Tappan for organizing such a Chapter and having served with Dignity, Respect or her distinct Legacy which give Creed of Charity, Truth and Loving Kindness which was instructed to the members as a leader and found of Hadassah Chapter #2.

September 6, 2010, Hadassah Chapter 2 left St. Peter Grand Lodge to return to the Most Worshipful Son’s of Light Grand Lodge and became Hadassah Chapter 22.

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